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Beauty and the Beast

Color: no colorMaterial: no other materialMetal: Solid SilverStone: Zirconium oxideUnpublished reinterpretation of PANDORA's iconic 925 sterling silver rush, this homage to Beauty and the beast is stamped with the symbolic message "True Love is found..



Color: PinkMaterial: no other materialMetal: Solid SilverStone: Various stones, zirconium oxide, crystalThis sumptuous charm-button is inspired by the legendary Rose of the film The Beauty and the Beast. A rose-lace pattern is guessed below a sublime..



Color: YellowMaterial: EnamelMetal: Solid SilverStone: No StoneAs adorable as it is elegant, this charm pendant represents the prom dress worn by Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Just as the girl has been able to bring love and joy to the Dark Castle, ..



Color: no colorMaterial: EnamelMetal: Solid SilverStone: No StoneThemes: FlowersLegendary symbol of the film The Beauty and the Beast, this enchanted rose reminds of the magic flower, counting the time it remains to the beast to free itself from its ..



Color: blue, pink, VioletMaterial: EnamelMetal: Solid SilverStone: No StoneThis beautiful charm represents two of the most memorable characters in the film La Belle and La beast: The Enchanted teapot Madame Samovar and her son, the Zip Cup. Wonderful..



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